UEFA U21 Championship 2021: Groups and schedule of play

The UEFA U21 European Championship is the next stage of the UEFA European Championship, which will be held from 20 to 29 May 2021. The tournament is divided into three groups, each of which will have a round-robin format.
The teams will play against each other in the group stage, and the winners of each group will qualify for the playoffs.
UEFA has released the schedule of the tournament, which includes the group and round-by-round matches.

The tournament will start on 20 May, and will end on 29 May. The group stage will be played over a period of three months, and each match will last for 90 minutes. The matches will be broadcasted live on the UEFA website.
Group A
The group is made up of the following teams:
1. Liverpool;
2. Manchester City;
3. Tottenham Hotspur.
Liverpool and Manchester City are the favorites of the group. The teams have a good understanding, and they have already won the first round.
In the first match, Liverpool was defeated by Tottenham Hotspurs 2:1. The second match was also a failure for the Reds. The score was 1:1, but the match ended in a draw.
After that, the team was not able to win in the next matches. Liverpool lost to Chelsea 1:0, and then it was defeated again by Tottenham.
However, the club is still in the top three of the EPL table.
2nd match
The second match of the first group was a failure as well. Liverpool was beaten by Chelsea 1-0. The match ended with the score of 1:2.
3rd match
In this match, the Reds were defeated by Manchester City 1:3.
4th match
Liverpool was defeated once again by Manchester United. The team lost to the Red Devils 1:4.
5th match
In a match against Manchester City, Liverpool lost 0:3, and in the match against Tottenham, the score was 0:5.
6th match Liverpool was not in the best shape, and its coach Jurgen Klopp did not make the best decision. The Reds lost to Leicester City 2:0.
7th match The match with Leicester was a success for the team. Liverpool won 1:5, and it is the first victory of the season for the club.
8th match In the match with Manchester United, Liverpool won 2:3 and was in the lead of the standings.
9th match After the match, Klopp said that the team needs to work on its game.
10th match Klopp’s team lost 1:6, and was not at the top of the table. The defeat was the worst in the history of the team, and Klopp said the team has to work hard to get into the top 4.
11th match Despite the defeat, the players were confident, and Liverpool was in a good shape. The club won 3:2, and won the EFL Cup.
12th match A defeat of the Red devils was a defeat for Liverpool, but it was not the worst result of the match.
13th match Leicester was defeated, and this was the first defeat for the Red and Black.
14th match Manchester City was defeated.
15th match Tottenham was defeated and the team lost 2:4 to the Citizens.
16th match Chelsea was defeated 1:7.
17th match Everton was defeated 2:8.
18th match Brighton was defeated 3:6.
19th match Crystal Palace was defeated 4:7, and so on.
20th match Arsenal was defeated 5:6 and so forth.
21st match The defeat of Crystal Palace is a big blow for the Gunners.
22nd match The loss of Everton is a serious blow for Jose Mourinho’s team.
23rd match The team was defeated 6:5 by Brighton.
24th match Southampton was defeated 7:6 by Brighton, and Chelsea was beaten 8:3 by Crystal Palace.
25th match Newcastle was defeated 9:6
26th match Burnley was defeated 10:7 by Crystal palace.
27th match Watford was defeated 11:8, and Manchester United was defeated 12:9.
28th match West Ham was defeated 13:10, and Arsenal was beaten 14:12.
29th match Man City was beaten 15:12, and Leicester was beaten 16:12
30th match Sheffield United was beaten 17:12 and Liverpool defeated 18:12 to get to the playoffs zone.
31st match Liverpool lost the match 1:8 and was out of the playoffs, and now the team is in the relegation zone. The main problem for the Merseysiders is the lack of motivation.
All the results of the matches can be found on the website of sports statistics.
Round of 32
The round of 32 will be the last match of group stage. The top 4 teams of the league table will qualify to the playoff zone. In the playoff, the teams will be divided into two groups. The first will be a round of 16, and teams will compete for the champion title. The winner will be promoted to the top-4, and a second place will be given to the team that did not lose in the first stage.

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