UEFA U23 Championship Czech Republic 2021: Groups, schedule and teams

The UEFA U23 Championships are back in the Czech Republic, and the tournament is already in full swing. The first round of the tournament will be held on the weekend of August 18-20, and it promises to be an exciting one.

The tournament is divided into three groups, and each group has four teams. The matches of the group stage will be played on the following weekends:
* August 18;
* July 28;

* September 9.
The matches of these groups will be broadcasted on the official website of the UEFA.
You can follow the results of the matches of each group on the website of sports statistics. The website offers information on the results, as well as the schedule of the games of the teams in the group.
All the information on group matches of UEFA U 23 Championships is available in the section “Results of the first round”.

Group A
The first round started with the match between the Czechs and the Netherlands. The Dutch team was very confident and showed good results in the first half of the match. However, the Czech team was not able to repeat its success in the second half.
In the first game of the second round, the Dutch team managed to score two goals. However the Czech defense was not so strong and the team could not prevent the Dutch from scoring.
At the end of the game, the Netherlands won 2:1. The Czechs were not able at all to get a result in the match, which was won by the Netherlands by a score of 0:3.
Next in the list of matches is the match of the Czech and the English teams. In the first match of this group, the English team was quite confident and managed to win the match with a score 0:2. However in the next round, they lost to the Czech.
However, the first team of the English Premier League managed to get the victory in the game. In this match, the team of Frank Lampard scored two goals, and in the end the Czech national team was defeated with a 0:4 score.
Group B
The second group of the round started on August 18 with the game between the French and the Slovakians. The French team was confident and won the first two matches of this round. However their game in the third match was not as successful.
Despite the fact that the Czech National Team was not at the top of the standings, the coach of the team, Pavel Vízner, managed to bring the team to the first place.
After the game of August 19, the French team lost to Slovakia with a 2:3 score. However at the end, the Slovaks managed to achieve a goal, which is a victory.
This is the first time that the French National Team has won the group of UEFA competitions.
Also in the tournament, the Spanish team managed not to win, which caused a lot of disappointment.
There is a good chance that the team will be able to win a place in the playoffs.
It is also worth noting that the Spanish National Team will be playing against the team from the Netherlands in the semifinals. The Netherlands team is the most successful team of UEFA, and they have won the tournament several times.
Thus, the teams of Group B will play each other in the finals. The final will be on September 9, and you can follow all the results on the UEFA website.
Another match of Group A will be the match against the English National Team. The team of Lampard managed to create a good atmosphere in the stadium, and at the beginning of the competition, the players were able to score a goal. However after that, the game ended in a draw.
Team of Frank
The final match of group A will take place against the Spanish national team. The Spanish National team has a good record in the UEFA competitions, and their team is quite confident.
Their coach, Julen Lopetegui, managed not only to get into the playoffs, but also to win gold medals.
Now, the Spaniards will play against the French national team, and after that they will play with the Netherlands team.
Of course, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the final match, but it is worth noting the fact, that the final game of group B will be a great chance for the Spanish players to get to the playoffs and to win another gold medal.
UEFA Champions League: Round of 32
The Champions League is the second most important tournament of the year. The draw for the round of 32 of the Champions League has been held, and now the teams will play in the following matches:
1. Match between Barcelona and Juventus.
2. Match of Real Madrid and Manchester United.
3. The match between Liverpool and Tottenham.
4. Another match between Juventus and Inter.
5. A match between Chelsea and Manchester City.
6. Two matches of Juventus and Barcelona.
7. One match between PSG and Juventus, and another one between Juventus, Inter and Liverpool.
8. Three matches of Real and Juventus in the Champions Cup.
9. Four matches of Liverpool and Manchester.
10. One match of Manchester City and Barcelona in the Europa League.

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