Ricardo Carvalho speaks out on Marcelo’s red card

The Brazilian has been in the starting XI for the last few years, but this season he has been left out of the starting line-up. He has been the main protagonist of the team’s matches, but he has not been able to show his full potential.

The team is in the middle of the standings, and it is not in a position to fight for the places in the Champions League zone. The team has not managed to win a match, and the fans are expecting a lot from the team.
The situation is similar with the team’s performance in the domestic arena. The previous season, the team managed to finish in the first position, but the following season, it was in the third position.
It is also worth highlighting the fact that the team has a long bench, which can be used for other players. This is another reason for the team not being able to fight in the fight for a place in the top 4.
However, the situation with the coach is not the best. Marcelo has been criticized for not showing the best football, and this is one of the reasons for the failure of the club.
Carvalho’ s behavior in the team is another evidence of this. He is always talking about the team, but his own performance does not reflect it.
At the moment, the fans can only hope that the situation will change in the near future.
Brazilian football news on fscore
The fans are waiting for the start of the championship, and they are hoping that the players will show their full potential and not leave any chance to the opponents.
This season, there are a lot of interesting matches on the fscore website, and among them are the following:
* matches of the national championship;
* international tournaments;
* matches of Brazilian League.
All the information on the site is updated in real time, so you can always follow the development of events on the field and in the stands.
Fans can follow the results of all matches on fscores.com.br.
In the current season, Brazil is in a good shape, and there is a good chance that the country will be able to finish the championship in the 4th position. The main goal of the players is to win the gold medals, and if they can do it, then the team will be considered one of top-5 in the world.
Despite the fact the team does not have a lot to show, the Brazilian football fans can be sure that the season will be full of interesting confrontations.
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Fans are waiting to watch the matches of Brazil on the football field, and now they can follow live football matches on this website. The site is available in both a desktop version and a mobile version.
Thanks to the development in technology, it has become much easier to follow the matches, and you can do this on the website.
There are a number of matches that are held every day, and fans can watch them in full on the platform. The information on this site is regularly updated, and here you will find the latest news on the results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
You can also follow the livescore of the matches on other platforms, for example, on the mobile version of the site.
Live football scores in the current tournament
The current season of the Brazilian championship is very interesting, and many fans are eagerly waiting for its end. The current tournament is the Copa America, and in it, the national team will play against Uruguay.
After the victory, the Brazilians will go to the next stage of the tournament, where they will play in the second round against Chile.
Of course, the main goal for the players of the country is to finish first in the group, but they will not give up. The players will not allow themselves to be kicked out of this tournament, and that is why the fans will not stop watching the live football score.
One of the most important matches of this season is the match between Brazil and Argentina. The fans are hoping for a positive result, as the team needs time to regroup.
If the team manages to win, then it will be the first time in a long time that the South American country will not be in the final of the Copacabana tournament.
Main competitors of Brazil in the tournament are Uruguay and Chile. The latter has a good lineup, and its main competitors are the Argentines.
Uruguay has a strong squad, and even though it is in poor shape, it is still able to win.
Chile, on other hand, is not as strong as Uruguay. The Argentinean team has been playing in the national championships for a long period of time, and has a lot more experience.
For the fans, the current campaign is very important, as they will be watching the results on the live score. It is easy to follow it on the resource, and all the information is updated live.
Follow the development on the Internet
The website of sports statistics is available for free, and thanks to this, you can follow all the matches and events on it. The results of matches are available here in realtime, and users can always find out the schedule and the details of the upcoming matches thanks to the calendar.

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