Who is the best football manager in the world? – Ranking by FM17

Who is the best football manager in the world? – Ranking by FM17
The season has already ended, and the fans have already had a chance to see who the best team in the history of the championship will be.
The current season of the Champions League is the most interesting and intriguing one, as the struggle for the title will be very intense.
This year, the main contenders for the champion title are:
1. Liverpool – the team of Jurgen Klopp has already won the Champions’ League for the first time in its history, and it is now the main contender for the trophy.
2. Manchester City – the club of Josep Guardiola has already managed to win the Premier League, and this time it will be even more difficult for the rivals to stop the team.
3. Bayern – the German team has already reached the Champions’ League final, and now it is the main candidate for the victory.
4. Juventus – the Italian club has already finished the season in the top-4 of the Serie A, and its fans are expecting a lot from the team this time.
5. Inter – the Swiss club is also a serious contender for a place in the Champions league zone, but the main competitor of the team is the Barcelona.
In the next season, the Italian team will have a new coach, and we will see whether the current coach will be able to lead the team to the victory in the domestic championship.
You can always follow the development of events on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time. It is easy to find the information on the livescore section, as well as on the football section.

The most interesting matches of the season
The first rounds of the English Premier League have already shown that the main favorites of the tournament are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal.
However, the teams are not the only ones who can challenge the leaders of the Premier league.
There are also a lot of interesting matches ahead, which will determine the fate of the champion’s title.
Among the most intriguing confrontations are:
1) Manchester United – Manchester City.
It is not surprising that the Red Devils are the main favorite of the match, because they have already won three matches in a row.
But the Citizens have a good chance to win, because the team has a good bench and a good selection of players.
Also, the team can count on the help of the great Cristiano Ronaldo, who is considered to be the best player of the planet.
At the same time, the Red devils have a very difficult task to win a place into the Champions club.
They have to do it in the next matches, because in the current season, they have not managed to beat the leaders in the standings.
So, the match between the two teams is very important for the fate not only of the title, but also of the Europa League.
Liverpool’sshould win the Champions trophy, but it will not be easy for the team, because it has a lot to do to do the same as the leaders.
Moreover, the Reds have a serious problem with injuries, which may affect the results of the matches.
One of the main factors of the failure of the club is the transfer ban, which was imposed by the EPL club. The ban was imposed not only by Liverpool, but by other clubs as well.
Now, the fans can only hope that the ban will be lifted, and that the club will be allowed to sign new players.
Will the ban be lifted?
The ban was introduced not only for the transfer of players, but for the sale of their shares.
According to the rules, the clubs are allowed to sell shares of a club for a sum of money, which is equal to the value of the shares. The ban has been imposed not for the sake of the transfer, but because of the financial problems of the clubs.
If the ban is lifted, then the clubs will be free to buy players, and they will be given a chance.
That is why the ban has become a real problem for the clubs, and many of them have already sold their shares to other clubs. However, the ban can be lifted only if the clubs do not have any financial problems.
Who will win the most matches in the Premier leagues?
In recent years, the Premier divisions have become more and more interesting, because there are a lot more matches to be played.
Fans of the teams can now watch the matches in full, and learn the results in real-time.
Due to this, it is possible to follow the progress of events in a convenient format.
Of course, the most popular Premier league is the English one, but there are also other championships, where fans have a chance of watching the results.
For example, the Spanish championship is very popular among fans, and there are many matches every weekend.
Many fans of Real Madrid are also interested in the matches of Barcelona, and you can follow the results on the sports statistics website.
Here, you can find the results not only on the field, but on the scoreboard, too.

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