UEFA U-19 Championship 2021: Groups, schedule and teams

The UEFA U-20 Championship is the most important tournament of the UEFA European Championship. The competition is held every two years, and the winners of the tournament are awarded the right to represent their country at the European Championship next year.
The main group stage of the championship will begin on May 13, and it will last for eight rounds. The group winners will be able to play against the group’s second and third place.
UEFA has published the schedule of the group stage, which will help you to follow the matches. The tournament is held in different parts of the world, so you can find the results of matches on the website of sports statistics.
Group A
The first round of the main tournament of Europe is held. The first group is made up of the following teams:
* Barcelona;
* Liverpool;
* Sevilla;
* Manchester City.
This group is the best for the first place, so the teams from this group will have the best chances to win the tournament.

The following teams are in the second group:

* Manchester United;

* Lazio;
In the third group, the teams are:
* Real Madrid;
Manchester United.
At the end of the round, the following matches will take place:
1. The match between the teams that are in a certain place in the standings.
2. The playoff match.
3. The game between the team that finished in the first position in the group.
4. The final match.
You can follow the results on the site of sports statistical.
All the results will be available in the convenient format.
Tournament in the Second Group
The second group is more difficult than the first. The teams that have the worst results in the previous tournament will play against those that have a better result.
Barcelona is in the worst place of the second round, and this is confirmed by the results. The Catalans lost to the team from Manchester City in the match that was held on May 9.
Liverpool is in a better place, and its performance in the last season was not so successful. The team lost to Manchester City, and in the next match, it lost to Tottenham.
Sevilla is in second place, but the club has not been in the top three for a long time. The Seville team lost against Tottenham, and on May 12, the team lost again to Manchester United, which is why it is in third place in this group. The final position of the team is determined by the final match of the season.
Next round will be held on June 7, and you can follow all the results in full on the sports statistics website.
Teams in the Third Group
In this group, you can expect the following results:
• Real Madrid is in fourth place, which means that the team will play in the playoffs.
• Manchester United is in fifth place, although the team has not won the Champions League for several years.
You will be interested in the results only on the results page, where the information is updated in real time.
Final Match
The final match will be played between the leaders of the standings, and we will see who will get to the playoffs and who will be left behind.
Real Madrid is the team of the third place, the first match of which was held in the stadium of the Royal Club. The following players scored goals:
· Ronaldo;
· Bale;
The game ended with a score of 3:2.
Manchester City is in first place of this group with a result of 1:0.
Lazio is in seventh place, having lost the matches against the teams of the first and second places.
Juventus is in eighth place, with a draw against the team in the third position.
Arsenal is in ninth place, where it lost the match against the last place team.
Celta is in tenth place, after the defeat of the teams in the fourth and fifth places. The results of the match with the team are not available on the statistics website, but you can always follow the development of events on the team’s website. Celta is the leader of the league in the current season, and if the team continues to play in this manner, it will be difficult for it to get into the playoffs, which it has not managed to do for several seasons.
Team Standings
The standings of the current tournament are as follows:
The teams that finished first and third in the domestic championship are in red, and those that finished second are in green.
* Teams that have not played in the Champions league in a long period of time are not included in the table.
If you look at the table, you will see that the teams have not been able to demonstrate their maximum for several consecutive seasons. The main problem of the Catalans is the fact that they have not won a trophy in a few years. The problem is even more serious for the team, because it has lost the Champions’ League to Juventus in the past season. The players of the club are not happy with the results, and they do not want to continue to play at the level of the previous year.

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