Top 25 players of Century #3: From Cristiano Ronaldo to Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This year, the start of the new season of the Champions League was marked by the failure of Real Madrid. The team was in the middle of the tournament, and it was not able to show its maximum. The failure of the team was due to the fact that the coach, Zinedine Zidane, was not in the best condition.
The team was led by the legendary Cristiano, who was a main star of the previous season. However, the player left the team, and the team had no one to replace him.
After that, the team started to lose points, and this is why the team has not been able to win the title for a long time.
In the new year, Real Madrid will try to win gold medals again. The club will try not to lose the points and not to be in the last position of the standings.
This is what you can expect from the team in the new tournament. The players of the club have a lot of potential, and they are able to achieve a lot.

The list of the top 25 players in the current season of Champions League is presented here.
1. Cristiano
The Portuguese player is a great scorer of goals. He is able to score a lot and become a star of his club. He was able to do this, because he has a good team around him. The main star is the goalkeeper of Real, Robert Lewandowski. He has a lot to do, because the team is not able not to concede goals.
2. Lionel Messi
The Argentinean player is one of the main stars of the current tournament. He scored a lot, and he is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them. He also has a great team around himself, which is able even to win a trophy.
3. Zinedines Zidanes
The Spaniard is a coach who is able, not only of winning a trophy, but of doing it in a very short time. He won the Champions trophy in the previous year, and in the next season, he will try his best to win another one.
4. Sergio Ramos
The Spanish player is able of scoring a lot in the Champions Cup, and of doing the same in the Europa League. The player is also able to distribute the goals, and that is a very important thing.
5. Ronaldo
The player of Manchester United is able in the Premier League, and also in the international arena. The Portuguese player has a very good team, which can achieve a great result.
6. Mbappe
The French player is the main star in the English Premier League. He scores a lot too, and is able also to do the same at the international level.
7. Eden Hazard
The Belgian player is another star of Manchester City, and a great player of the Premier league.
8. Ibrahimovic
This player is from Sweden, and has a really good team. He can achieve great results.
9. Suarez
The Uruguayan player is not a star, but he is a good player. He plays for the team of the same name.
10. Messi
This Messi is a star in his own right. He often scores a goal, and his team is able too.
11. Lukaku
The English player is in the top 10 of the best goal scorers of the world. He always scores a good goal.
12. Ramos
This Spanish player has already won a trophy in Spain. He will try in the future to win one more.
13. Lewandowski
The goalkeeper of the Royal club is a player who is capable of scoring many goals. The success of the player of Real is obvious.
14. Rooney
The Manchester United player is capable not only in the national team, but in the club level too. The English team is very good.
15. Pogba
The Frenchman is a top player in the world, and can become one of them.
16. Pogcun
The Algerian player is an excellent player.
17. Silva
The Brazilian player is good in the Brazilian championship.
18. Firmino
The Colombian player is very active, and scores a great goal. He becomes a star.
19. Aubameyang
The Ukrainian player is quite active. He makes a lot from the ball.
20. Kane
The Tottenham player is always able to find the net.
21. Cavani
The Mexican player is active, but not as good as the others.
22. Rashford
The England player is still able to make a good game.
23. Fabregas
The young player of Chelsea is able.
24. Griezmann
The Galician player is already a good footballer.
25. Messi
It is clear that the Argentinean will be a great star. He already has a contract with the club, and will try, not to miss the opportunity to win trophies.
All the best for the club in the upcoming season.
You can follow the results of the game of the Spanish team on the website of sports statistics, where the data is updated in real time.

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