Top 25 players of Century #2: From Bobby Charlton to Zinédine Zidane

The new season of the English Premier League is in full swing. The competition is very intense, and the leaders of the championship are constantly changing.

The list of the best players of the previous season is now much more diverse. The main favorites of the new season are:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;

All the top teams of the Old Continent are now in the top-5 of the standings, which means that they will fight for the title.
It is quite possible that the fight for gold medals will be especially intense between the teams of Manchester United and Liverpool.
The previous season, the teams were quite equal, but the latter managed to win the Champions League. This time, the Reds will have a very difficult time, as they are the main favorites.
At the start of the season, Manchester United was in the middle of the pack, but now the team has been gradually increasing its position. The team has a lot of strengths that will help it to become a real contender for the champion title. Among them are: 1. Good lineup. The Red Devils have a good selection of players in each line.
2. Individual skills of the leaders. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for example, is a great scorer, but he is not the best player in the team.
3. Individual skill of the team leaders. The club has a good balance of forces, which allows it to play in any situation.
4. Individual talent of the main stars. Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are the leaders, but there are many more players who can be called leaders in their own right.
5. Individual quality of the substitutes. The players have to do their best in each match, and they are able to decide the fate of a match with a single mistake.
In the current season, Liverpool is in the lead of the Premier League standings, but it is not easy to catch up with the Merseysiders. The following factors can help the team to achieve its goals:
1. Good teamwork. The Reds have a great number of players who are able not only to make a good pass, but also to distribute forces in the best way.
This is especially important in the final rounds, when the teams have to fight for a place in the Champions’ League zone.
Also, the team needs to strengthen its defense, as it is currently not very strong.
However, the main goal of the Liverpool is to win gold medals. The last time the team won gold medals was in 1990.
You can always follow the latest news on the English championship on the website of sports statistics. Here you will always find the latest information from the world of the national championship, as well as other competitions.
All Premier League results on the reliable resource
The season of English Premier league has just started, and already the results of the first rounds are already being published on the sports statistics website.
Among the main contenders for gold medal are: Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool, who are the favorites of this season.
Both Manchester United of Jose Mourinho and Liverpool of Jurgen Klopp are considered to be the main outsiders of the current championship.
Now, the Red Devils are the team of the Mourinho, and it is the main favorite of the tournament. The Portuguese coach has a great lineup, and he is able to rotate the players in the field.
Liverpool is the team that is considered to have the most difficult season. The Merseysides have a lot to prove, as the team is not in the strongest part of the table. The leaders of Liverpool are not in their prime, and this is another reason for the team not being able to compete for the gold medals at the end of the campaign.
But the Reds have the potential to become the main contender for gold. The season of Premier League has just begun, but already the team looks quite strong. The coach of the club, Jurgens, is able not to use the team in the way it was in previous years, which allowed the team achieve a good result.
Manchester United is the second team that has been in the leading position of the league for several rounds. The previous season the team was in second place, but this time it is quite capable of catching up with its rivals.
United has a stable lineup, which is able, together with the leaders’ individual skills, to decide a match. The squad of Josep Guardiola has a number of strong players, who can play in the attack, as long as the coach chooses the right players.
Chelsea is also quite capable to compete with the Red devils, but its main advantage is a good lineup.
Many experts believe that the Blues will not be able to win a place at the Champions’ League zone, but they can still become a contender for a top-3 position.
New Manchester United lineup
The current season of Manchester City is quite interesting. The Citizens are in the first position of English championship, but their rivals are quite capable, too.
One of the strongest teams in the league is Liverpool, and its main rivals are: Tottenham, Manchester City, and Chelsea.

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