The Future of Football: Forget the New Billionaires, Just Sell Global Media Rights and Make Everyone Happy

The current season of the English Premier League is a real triumph for the team of Josep Guardiola. The Spaniard has managed to win the champion title for the first time in a long time and, in the process, he managed to bring the team to the coveted European Cup.
However, the team is not without its problems. The main one is the fact that the team lacks stability. The previous season, the club was in a crisis and many of its players left the team.
The team is now led by the Spanish coach, and the current season has shown that he is able to make the necessary adjustments to the team and its results will certainly improve.
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The previous season was a real success for the club, and many fans and experts were very optimistic about the future of the club. However, the current results have shown that it is now necessary to make some adjustments to ensure a successful future.
One of the main problems of the current team is the lack of motivation. Many of the players are not ready to fight for the champion’s title for a long period of time. It is obvious that the current squad is not able to compete with the main favorites of the season.
That is why it is so important to make changes in the team’ composition. The current team does not have the necessary experience to compete against the main stars of the Premier league.
In order to ensure the success of the future season, it is necessary to strengthen the team by signing experienced players. It will be very difficult to compete for the title with the team that is not ready for the long tournament distance.
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The season of English Premier league is coming to an end, and now it is time to analyze the results. The team of Guardiola is in a real crisis, and it is clear that the time of the champion’s title is over.
This season, Manchester City was not able not only to win gold medals, but also to win a place in the Champions League zone. The club managed to finish in the zone of the elite of English football, but it lost to Liverpool in the final match.
At the end of the championship, the City was led by Josep Mourinho, who is famous for his tactics. The Portuguese managed to get the team playing in a more attacking style, which was very successful.
But it is not the only problem that the City team has. The players are tired of losing the title, and they want to win it back. The season ended with the club in the 4th position of the standings, which is far from the Champions league. It means that the club needs to make a lot of changes in order to be able to fight against the stronger clubs.
Now, it can be done by signing new players. The following players should be considered for the new season:
* Sadio Mane;
* Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang;
* Leroy Sané.
These players are able to give the team a real boost, and this will help it to win again.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The English Premier division is one of the most intriguing championships in the world. The competition is intense, and every match is a chance to win.
There are several main favorites in the championship. One of them is Manchester City. The Citizens are in a serious crisis, because the previous season they were in the champion league, and in the current one they are in the fourth position.
Many people are not happy with the coach of the Citizens, Josep M’Bengue, but the team has a lot to prove. It has to show that it can compete for gold medals and the Champions trophy.
Another main intrigue of the tournament is the struggle for the places in the Europa League zone, which will be held in the summer.
If you look at the results, it seems that the Citizens have everything they need to fight in the domestic arena. However they still have a long way to go.
They need to strengthen their defense and get rid of the problems with the attack. If they do this, they will be able not to lose points in matches with weaker opponents.
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Live Results of Manchester City
The Citizens have a good lineup, and its main problem is the defense. The defense of the City is not very strong, and even the main star of the squad, Leroy Sane, has not been able to show his best game.
Of course, it’ll be very hard for the Citizens to win in the international arena, because it is a very strong team. The squad of Guardiola has a good mix of youth and experience, and if they can show a good game in the Epl, they can get a chance in the main international tournaments.

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